Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shred and Refresh -days 4-10

When one is busy chasing after sweet powder stashes, one has little time to seek good internet connections. And those times that we did have internet? Well, sleep sounded so much more pleasant. Do you see? When I started out on my blog-about-my-one-and-0nly-ski-road-trip-that-I-have-ever-and-probably-ever-will-take idea, I took none of the above in mind.
Therefore, here I am summing up 7 days in one.

My sincerest apologies.

Day 4: Whole Foods -would you be my valentine? Healthy food on the go; couldn't be better. Renown Hospital -I will never forgive you for giving my fan base a reason to move FIVE HOURS away from me and only 30 MINUTES from Mt Rose and 50 minutes from any bit of awesomeness around Tahoe (yes, I'm a bit jealous)! Congrats on the new adventure, C&D!

Day 5: Mammoth -steep lines and sunny skies: day made. Done.

Day 6: June Mountain - perfecting Warren Miller ski tricks and playing cards in the lodge. Don't forget a broken clavicle for Carter. One clavicle out of 8, not too bade of an average. Sadly, our party dropped down to just the original 3 amigos.

Day 7: I take back everything I ever said about the Big D's driving. He's a master. I signed him up for the Daytona.

Day 8: Alta -my eyes are still burning from an overload of helmet heads and old-school skiers. My legs are still burning from one-thousand too many moguls. P.S. I never thought I'd say this, but, I missed ye ol' snowboarders.

Day 9: Black Diamond -seriously, as much as I love your gear (minus the Joules -which I avoided all this week and opted to borrow, yes BORROW, beg, steal, whatever, my sisters K2 Phat Luvs), you need to step up the outlet department; if I wanted Mammut gear, I would have gone to the Mammut factory.

Day 10: Home -it feels good. Smiles all around.