Thursday, April 24, 2008

...and my hands smell like horses

Once again, my inside cowgirl reminds me that her time is not over. I'm not a horse-lover, but I do love so much about them.

I've been pony-shopping for Kayce and Garrett. And today I rode my first four-legged creature since September. To be simple: it's been a while. A long while.

I was "bucked off."

Well, it was actually more of a fall, or a somersault, and I did imagine it ending up rather graceful. Sure. The pony tipped just a bit forward, and oops! off I go.

Please pray and be open to God leading you to donate to my "bronc-riding lessons" fund. I feel He is calling me to sharpen my riding skills, but at this point I'm simply trying to pay my Starbucks bill, let alone groceries, gas, and riding lessons. Another lesson in faith, right?

The adorable pony, Kades' Princess, that did my number:

*If anyone is interested she is still for sale: a beautiful little Welsh Cob, Section B mare


D & C said...

I'm sorry, that must of been quite a "blow" to your horse-girl soul. The picture makes it look larger then a pony, more horse size. Maybe you could call it a horse so that way at least it was a large animal that sent you flying.

J said...

Let's just say its right up there with what the pull-up episode at the Running Raven did to my Athleta-kick-like-a-girl soul.