Friday, December 17, 2010

Encounter with Green Tea

On green tea:

I love it. It comes in second place, in my list of most favored drinks (apart from water). Coffee is barely holding its top position. A place which, believe me, it has held with no competition for MANY years.

This rise of green tea is really quite a phenomenon. I have tried for the past several years to convince myself that I LOVE tea. For the past several years, I have failed miserably. Until this year. The year that I decided my relationship with tea was built entirely on false perception and that it must be consummated.

And here I am, drinking two cups, sometimes more, of tea a day. This is a good thing. And I am quite happy about the development of things, only that...
...its weird.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its been awhile, darling

At this point in time, I'm supposed to assure you (the random blogging world, my one follower, and anybody who happens to trip across my staked out piece of internet), that I missed you terribly. That is what all the popular bloggers do. Unfortunately, I cannot do that, because I did not miss "you". My insincere apologies.
Why for heaven's sake am I back? Because I meet people, I see things, I do activities; it's life and some of it just need to be told. So forgive me or not: I'm back.