Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009


WOOHOO! For two beautiful people!!!
If anyone has the "look of love" about them, its Amanda and Jason. The gentle, steady gaze, with an intense sort of communication... if I wasn't a hopeless romantic, that look, their look, would have forced me to make octopus faces and throw snowballs at them in true Calvin and Hobbes style. Lucky them.

This is take #1; stand by, good people, for more radical awesomeness!

Hello, Mr. President

This little gilded portrait of George Washington, makes me happy. Really happy. It hangs in my powder room and I go to the restroom at least one extra time per day, just to say hi to him. It's like having a dog.

I'm going to start a foundation, built to rescue all these misused prints of our first president and educate the public on proper care and the ills of abandonment.

This is a serious issue, and people need to know about it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

An encounter -of the wonderful variety

It's really of no consequence to you, I suppose.

I met a good friend at church today. A really good friend. He said it warmed his heart to see me. I said I missed him.
I hadn't recognized him at first; he was wearing civilian clothes -I had only once before seen him out of uniform; he had also procured a respectable amount of facial hair since our last meeting -he is normally clean shaven; and he was at church -I had never before seen him in church. He was passing out the "elements" of communion, and I must have been staring at him for a good while, my mind unable to bridge the gaps, because he suddenly turned from the people he had been assisting, caught my eye, and winked.
Chuck. Chuck Barry. He's a firefighter and an extraordinary guy. He's saved me on scene, he's saved me off scene.
He made my morning. No, more like my hope.