Sunday, October 4, 2009

An encounter -of the wonderful variety

It's really of no consequence to you, I suppose.

I met a good friend at church today. A really good friend. He said it warmed his heart to see me. I said I missed him.
I hadn't recognized him at first; he was wearing civilian clothes -I had only once before seen him out of uniform; he had also procured a respectable amount of facial hair since our last meeting -he is normally clean shaven; and he was at church -I had never before seen him in church. He was passing out the "elements" of communion, and I must have been staring at him for a good while, my mind unable to bridge the gaps, because he suddenly turned from the people he had been assisting, caught my eye, and winked.
Chuck. Chuck Barry. He's a firefighter and an extraordinary guy. He's saved me on scene, he's saved me off scene.
He made my morning. No, more like my hope.


D and C said...

I like your encounters, I like the new blog look.

J said...

An encounter: George Washington. I take at least one extra trip to the bathroom per day to see the little guy and say hi. I swear. All my guests do, too. ...I think Lu does, too.