Friday, December 17, 2010

Encounter with Green Tea

On green tea:

I love it. It comes in second place, in my list of most favored drinks (apart from water). Coffee is barely holding its top position. A place which, believe me, it has held with no competition for MANY years.

This rise of green tea is really quite a phenomenon. I have tried for the past several years to convince myself that I LOVE tea. For the past several years, I have failed miserably. Until this year. The year that I decided my relationship with tea was built entirely on false perception and that it must be consummated.

And here I am, drinking two cups, sometimes more, of tea a day. This is a good thing. And I am quite happy about the development of things, only that...
...its weird.

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Chelsea said...

you're a sneaky little blogger. but i found you.