Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back by popular demand

Due to the repeated and endearing requests of my fan base, I'm happy to announce that Mind Traverse is back! Drum roll, please... Welcome, Mind Traverse 2 -the sequel!

I started my first blog last February on a whim, and this April, I reinstate it... on a whim. This whim, however, follows a long debate within myself and between bloggers and non-bloggers, on whether or not personal journaling for the online world is healthy for relationships, spiritual development and life in general. The details of the debate we will not go into. The result, however, is here, the return of Mind Traverse.

If, by chance, Mind Traverse 2 disappears one day, you will know what to report to the police.


Ellie May said...

I'm so glad you're blogging Jocelyn! Here's mine if you want to see it:

Love you!
-Ellie May

D & C said...

Hurrah! I've been waiting and waiting.