Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14

The headquarters for the ambulance agency that I work for is attached to a hanger in an airport. (We do flight transports as well as ground.) The building is old, and space is limited, so our locker and fitness rooms, take adjoining corners in the main hanger which houses our helicopter.

As my main mode of transportation is bicycle, and biking in a stiff uniform with pants that are about an inch too short is extremely uncomfortable, I keep my uniform in the locker.

The women's bathroom (the only "changing" room) is in the adjoining building. Therefore, to change into my uniform I have to pass the bathroom, pass through a one-way locking door, go to my locker, unlock it, get out my uniform, go back through the locking door, squeeze past the off-coming crew in the hall,back to the bathroom, change quickly (before the dripping water faucet in the sink -the only space to place my clean uniform- has time to soak through my crisp shirt), past the crew again, back through the door, fold my clothes in my locker, make sure I have my keys, back through the locked door -you get the idea. Not a super hassle, but when I'm a few minutes late...

So I shortened the process.

For the past two and half weeks, I've been changing in the open helicopter bay after a quick glance around to make sure no one is in the line of sight. Occasionally things get "close" but in general, its been a great idea.

Today, I noticed the security camera. Pointed directly at me.

Aha. Yeah, I do remember seeing the bay through one of the six monitors in the Dispatcher's room.

There is no photograph today... Sure, hoping to remain unknown. ;)

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