Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They go where no one dares to go

I'm infatuated with the garbage man. Any garbage man.

It began Monday. I had woken up early for my first rotation at the VA Medical Center's OR . Dawn flooded the valley and garbage man #1 had just finished his first round. He did a few stretches, then hopped in his truck.

I thought about him all that day, and night, and today.

I crave the manual labor. The alone time. The excitement of snatching things out of dark, back alleys and returning them before anyone notices.

I saw another garbage man. Garbage man #2 was picking through his dust pan, before dumping it in the trash. Probably looking for gum wrappers for his collection. I decided he must not be a real garbage man.

Garbage man #3, enter: he was doing something like putting garbage in his truck.

They inspire me, to say the least.


D & C said...

slightly wierd, this infatuation. I guess if you ever need a second career, you know where to turn.

Carrie said...

interesting... Maybe garbage guys are okay, but I sure as heck hate their trucks that wake me up in the morning with their impetuous: "RUUUAUUAAAH, HERRASSSSSS..THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK... RUUUUAUAAAAH...." Over, and over and over again. *sigh*