Saturday, April 19, 2008

God and life

I think I'm growing up. No, I think I really am (maybe that I think I am growing up, or that I pay a close enough attention to think that I am, is sign of how self-centered and immature I really am).

You see, though, I have moments, when all those little me-oriented things don't matter. Those worries are blown off by the wind of the Spirit, and I can honestly say that all I desire is my Lord, my Jesus. It's like the proverbial veil lifts and what I struggled to see before, is now bright before me.

And those times are becoming more frequent and last a little longer... like that veil is being snagged on something... perhaps it's getting a little frayed from all the use, and one day, will fall to the ground in a heap (and I will know as I am known!).

And yet, even grown-ups are given sweet earthy things to enjoy... such as ginger cookies and Orange-spice tea on a snowy April day in Portland... without the ginger cookies.

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