Thursday, April 30, 2009

My reality

In previous blogs, I spoke about things that I saw across the fence, and thought, "Ah, how I would love to have that." Then I dreamed up all aspects of that life, which was really no life at all. Today I realized how LAME those thoughts are. And, right on time, (like God always is) my mum gave me her devotion of the day, which pointed me back to ACTIVELY THANKING GOD for all that He HAS given me.

So I did.

And people? God IS so good.

Things that I love:
JESUS, God's incredible love, family, down comforter, Mercy Flights, new days, bluebird days, cloudy cuddly days, my patients, the opportunity to go to college, my brain, the way God is so practical and so unpractical all in one, a healthy body, stars, books, other people, open facial expressions, my apartment, my soon-to-be roommate, biking, lilacs, fuzzy green grass, accounting, a reason to "balance" my checkbook, Oregon's ecological diversity, growing up in Chiloquin, growing up with God-fearing parents, being the middle child, having a little sister who wishes I would never have to go back to Medford, boxing with my 3 yr old brother, the bible, the way God gives me power in Him, spring days, running, dirt, fresh paint, morning coffee, being a paramedic...

You know the list keeps going. Really, I have so much to thank God for. More then a running list though, this, people, IS my reality.

Thank God, for that!

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